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The issues that can face business owners are vast. Especially for small businesses, properly navigating those issues can be the difference between success and failure.

A supplier could send a batch of defective widgets this month and prevent you from filling a massive order.
A buyer may have gone bankrupt or failed to pay its debts to your business for some other reason.
A subcontractor may attempt to compete against you by underbidding you with knowledge of your trade secrets.
An employee may quit and attempt to take your clients with her.
A competitor may attempt to use your trade name and likeness to benefit from the good will you have worked hard to develop.
Another business may fail to hold up their end of a contract, but took the full price from you.

DF&A can help with any of the issues businesses face. During your free consultation, we can go over potential avenues to address your particular needs from the very conservative approaches to the very aggressive. Sometimes all another party needs is a strongly worded letter to right its ship and uphold its end of the bargain. Other times, trial is the only thing that will make another company take your issues seriously. DF&A will work with you to develop the plan of action that best fits the needs of your business.

Of course, DF&A can help with your day-to-day business needs as well. We can assist and advise on matters including incorporating, creating by-laws, asset protection, limiting risk, contract and lease drafting, settlements and partnership agreements.

Call DF&A for a free consultation to discuss your business needs. We offer a range or payment options from the traditional retainer and hourly fees to results-based hybrid plans to make sure working with us is not a hardship for your business.

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